Monday 18 November 2019

Wales again

Talking of Wales, I see our old friend Sahar Al-Faifi……
……..has been suspended “over anti-Semitism claims”  How sad. Never mind.

The BBC is scrupulously impartial and puts in some essential ‘whataboutery’ (re Islamophobia) for balance.
On Thursday, Plaid Cymru posted a picture on Twitter of Ms Al-Faifi, who wears a face-veil or niqab, to promote the party election broadcast later that evening. 
Plaid Cymru sent a tweet saying the post received "abusive Islamophobic responses" that are "unacceptable and will not be tolerated." 
The party's tweet continued: "We stand with Sahar and all Muslim people in Wales and beyond.
Al Faifa, a member of MEND is a well-known antisemite, which I only mention just in case the BBC hasn’t quite realised it yet.


  1. Unlikely this story will get any traction, the BBC in Cardiff have far too many plaid cymru members and supporters to allow this to embarrass the party.

  2. Another dead parrot thread, but Brendan O'Neill absolutely nails it here.


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