Sunday 17 November 2019

Getting weary of it

Andrew Marr to Dominic Raab this morning:
Let's move to the biggest single slogan from your party throughout this election - we're already getting weary of it - 'Get Brexit Done!', 'We're Going to Get Brexit Done'. 
Who's 'we', Andrew?


  1. For which #wefiles was created.

    BBC staff use it a lot.

    Then block you.

  2. Him and Brenda...and if not Brenda, then anyone in the country will do to "prove" it.

    The Conservatives need to up their game. They need to use Trump tactics: make specific allegations about Labour which will draw ire and condemnation from the PC media, but will ensure the media start focussing on Conservative talking points.

    1. I think for that to work you have to believe your own talking points.

  3. I dislike that slogan as well but probably not for the same reason as Marr. It strikes me as American idiom. I also noticed in that campaign ad that Boris Johnson responds with 'I'm good' to someone asking him how he is. That's American too, though all our luvvies are at it. Why is our PM, though? Who writes these things?


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