Sunday 17 November 2019

The BBC's Scamble for Africa (and India)

The BBC is gearing up to extend into Africa and India as it fights against the global domination of the American streaming giants.  
The publicly funded broadcaster wants to start partnerships with overseas rivals on shows and audio services to expand its reach across two of the most populous and rapidly growing regions. That could push the catch-up service BBC iPlayer and the radio and podcast app BBC Sounds into new territories. 
And guess what?
It wants the next government to support further expansion.


  1. Clearly 'Buy, Marry, Behead' is playing well in certain W1A focus groups.

  2. The BBC should be content to be a national broadcaster rather than a global media empire. With £4 billion to play with, it could easily produce quality drama and other broadcasting. It's news empire could be cut back hugely. There's really no reason, for instance, why it has to maintain 20 staff (at least!) in the USA.


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