Wednesday 27 November 2019

What's the verdict?

"Six of the worst bits"

With Jeremy Corbyn's damage limitation press conference still ringing in my ears, well, now we've seen it, what's the verdict?


  1. There are three 'it comes to somethings'

    1) The Conservatives simply need to feature Labour ShadCab interviews in their party politicals.

    2) Labour thinks elections are decided by weighing the number of Jewish vs. Muslim voters, ignoring any not of these faiths who have a brain cell and sense of moral outrage.

    3) The BBC will still offer limitless airtime to Holly, Owen, Ash and Paul mostly with kid gloves, despite a fondness for using 'association tarbrushing' elsewhere.

    1. 1. Indeed! I vote for the worst moments of Dawn Butler, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell.

      2. Well they are right to a certain degree. If they could somehow get their hands on power, even in a coalition, they could open the floodgates and let in millions more Muslims.
      At the same time by reducing the vote age to 16 and extending votes to all residents, they could garner millions more votes. Their pro-Islamic policies have not damaged them with Lib Dem supporters who have been switching to them. The Lib Dems have a strong strain of anti-semitism in any case.

      3. Absolutely. For the BBC, there is no problem with people declaring themselves to be Marxists, Communists, Maoists, Far Left or Hard Left or having been associated with such extremist politics in the past. People like Andrew Marr, David Aaronovitch, Michael Rosen and Alexei Sayle have been given loads of broadcasting opportunities from the BBC.

  2. Overall there are opportunities and risks here.

    The Chief Rabbi had no alternative to doing what he did, which was the absolute minimum circumstances required. His intervention has, one hopes, damaged Labour - who represent an immense danger to all our freedom and our future.

    But the overall effect is a further descent into identity politics. The dogma of "equivalence" is spreading aided by a supine media, all too willing to be manipulated by the MCB and snakes like Baroness Warsi: Islamophobia is meant to be the twin of anti-semitism.

    Despite the left-liberal media despising everything Islam and Sharia stand for, they will not allow that fear of, and rejection of, Sharia can be a rational response. To do so would contradict PC ideology which holds, as a dogma, that all cultures are of equal merit and appearance to the contrary is due to failures of understanding and prejudiced. perception.

    Identity politics, being pushed strongly by Labour through its "faith and race" manifesto (why associate religion with genes? - an odd thing to do one might think), is eating away at the body politic. It stands in total contradiction to the idea of a democracy of free citizens.


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