Sunday 24 November 2019


As BBC Watch points out, the BBC's Barbara Plett Usher - recently relocated from the UN to Jerusalem - isn't wholly in command of the facts. 

A lot will depend on senior members of Mr Netanyahu's Likud party. Until now they have maintained their tribal loyalty to the prime minister, but he is facing a possible challenge from within. 
The education minister, Gideon Saar, has called for party primaries to replace him. There may well yet be others.
As BBC Watch says, 
Gideon Sa’ar has not been the Minister of Education for over six years. He held that post between March 31st 2009 and March 18th 2013 and since then there have been three other ministers.

Where's Chris Morris when you need him?

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  1. It's easy to do crucial one word errors
    like missing the word "not" or in this case "former"
    It has still not been corrected.


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