Saturday 30 November 2019

Not reassuring

The BBC's Frank Gardner writes:
So we’re now told that the attacker in the London Bridge shooting was a convicted terrorist, a former prisoner out on licence. Quite a number of convicted terrorists are coming to the end of their sentences.
Calling it 'the London Bridge shooting' is odd though, isn't it? It was a terrorist stabbing spree. The only shooting was by the police, who were doing their job. 

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  1. Yes odd. Result of an odd mindset.

    If anyone should understand Islamic terrorism it should be Frank Gardner. If you recall he recited the Islamic profession of faith in a desperate attempt to avoid the terrorist attack that left him paralysed - a clear indication that he understood in that moment the attack was not on a "Westerner" but on a non-Muslim.

    Despite his horrible experience, I've never heard him say anything sensible about Islam or Islamic terrorism or the causes of Islamic terrorism. Same applied to Robert Fisk who actually said he would have attacked himself if he could!


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