Sunday 17 November 2019

Contrasting fortunes

Jeremy Corbyn undoubtedly fared better than Dominic Raab on this morning's The Andrew Marr Show.

Part of that is that the Labour leader put in much the better performance. He was so relaxed by the end that it's a wonder he didn't start purring.

That said, Mr Raab, slipping and sliding away from giving straight answers, got the rougher end of the deal when it came to Andrew's questioning - and the intensity of the interruptions.

(Only Jeremy Corbyn got an apology for being interrupted today.)

Will Dominic Raab blame himself or his interviewer?

Andrew Marr asked questions about a Corbyn government's arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel. I noted that Mr Corbyn sounded a good deal clearer as to his courses of action when it came to Israel. He gave a very precise answer, so he's obviously thought a lot about it. Andrew didn't ask him about antisemitism.

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  1. Ah, that nice Mr Marr...not asking about Corbyn's long association with Jew-hating organisations like Hamas. How kindly!


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