Tuesday 26 November 2019

Front page news

You will need to click on the image to enlarge it here, but this is jaw-dropping.

It's the BBC News website's home page right now:

Yes, the main headline is:
No place for anti-Semitism within Labour - Corbyn Jeremy Corbyn urges Jewish community to "engage" with him following the chief rabbi's outspoken ["outspoken?"] criticism.
And right underneath that piece is a video link to a report headlined Corbyn: Anti-Semitism 'has no place in my party'.

Seriously, BBC? Leading with the Corbynite defence against charges of antisemitism by the Chief Rabbi, not once but twice?

And then come two further links respectively headlined Teach British Empire injustice in schools - Labour and A simple guide to the Labour Party.

Wonder what Ash, Aaron, Simon 'Mad' Maginn, Owen Jones & Co. have to say about that 'promotion' of the Labour cause?

And then just look at the photo of Jeremy Corbyn that the BBC have made the main image on their News website - that of a benignly-smiling leader in front of his party's main election slogan. Seriously, BBC?

And, to cap it all, the BBC's second story is
Muslim Council criticises Tories over Islamophobia - The Muslim Council of Britain accuses the Conservatives of a "blind spot for this type of racism". 
Labour antisemites and Muslim hardliners alike love to push the moral equivalence angle as regards antisemitism and 'Islamophobia' (note, as ever, no quotation marks around the BBC's use of the word in that headline). And the 'woke' BBC, as so often, is all to ready to indulge them by doing the same. 

This is beyond a joke. This is seriously dangerous. Please BBC, stop pandering to extremists.


  1. The Muslim Council of Britain accuses the Conservatives of a "blind spot for this type of racism".....
    yadda, yadda, yadda ad infinitum.

    1. The Muslim Council of Britain was set up by the Muslim Brotherhood - a pro-Caliphate international subversive organisation.

  2. If you only listened to the BBC you would think that Labour is 'for' women politicians and anti-'Islamophobia', yet remarkably the Conservatives - Tories in BBC-speak - have produced two women leaders, both as prime minister, and promoted at least two Muslims to high office.

    Labour is all talk but the BBC doesn't hold them to account.

    1. Yes, the fact that the Shadow Cabinet of the "Diversity Party" is "hideously white" never gets mentioned by the BBC.

    2. It isn't
      There is Abbott, Lammy for a start
      there are others but they or their families keep getting convicted.

    3. Lammy's not a member of the Shadow Cabinet. He's just v. gobby so gets a lot of publicity. :)

  3. From the very beginning the BBC have led the bogus equivalence of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Even before Labour latched onto it.

    1. Yes, they have been promoting it and pushing it at every opportunity - but Warsi has been working tirelessly in that direction as have the MCB.


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