Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April foolishness

Poor Gazan family tricked into selling their Banksy for only $175 (£118) (which is about its intrinsic value) 
Banksy’s cartoons started off as graphic design in the form of the graffiti mural. Then he started incorporating enigmatic political overtones from the infantile school of pseudo political activism.
The inflated ‘art world’ monetary value of a ‘Banksy’ is a product of media-created mystique built around a sort of night raider persona. Your hooded graffiti artist stealthily posting his messages with the audacity of the man in the Milk Tray ad .

If anyone’s stupid enough to pay big money for a Banksy good luck. Too bad for the poor Gazan man diddled out of his rightful windfall. What could he have done with all that dosh, stuck in that open prison with no way of getting in or out, no water, electricity or concrete? Perhaps he would have donated it to Hamas.
 One might wonder what Banksy thought he was doing sneaking in to Gaza to paint poignant images of cute kittens. What a hero.

Talking of heros and Hamas, how about Jeremy Bowen. 
In Cornwall they have an expression for anyone ‘cute’. They say “Dear of‘n”. If you don’t believe me ask Cap’n Poldark.  
So, what can I say about Jeremy other than “dear of'n”.  

What a lovely interview he did with cuddly Khaled Meshaal the “political leader” of Hamas. As you know, we (Britain) regard Hamas as a terrorist organisation, but like the public’s admiration for naughty boy Banksy, the BBC has its own ideas. How sweet.  

“Netanyahu is the most extreme leader and the one who likes to shed blood the most.”  states Meshaal, casually.
“It’s the responsibility of the International community to put a stop to his stubbornness and Israeli extremism. We’re not looking for any escalation, but we will defend ourselves.’
Jeremy is polite enough to let those outrageous little porkies pass. Isn’t that tactful? The dear fellow.
A winsome look. “Do you think a  two state solution is still possible between yourselves and the Israelis?”  
Note the word ‘still”, obviously one of those open-handed, reaching-out  gestures. It subtly implies that Hamas used to want a two state solution in the past, when any fule kno that is not necessarily so. Probably done so as not to cause unnecessary offence. Thoughtful or what? Considerate. Dear of‘n.
“....the new approach (the west) should take, should be pressuring the Israeli and not the Arabs. We are not the ones who are responsible.“
Well, that does have a ring of truth. They certainly are not responsible. Pretty irresponsible even.

Jeremy lets that go. “Netanyahu and others have associated Hamas with Jihadist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS - they tend to put you into the same category” states Jeremy with a mischievous look. “What do you think of that?” That’s one of those “How does that make you feel” type questions, very empathetic, cute and a little flirtatious. 
“There is no ‘daesh’, no al Qaeda in Palestine”  asserts Khaled. “There are some lone wolves, but they are isolated” then “We don’t allow such thoughts in Palestine. Palestinian people are in a movement for national liberation. It is a just cause, and it is certainly not terrorism. Quite the opposite.” 
Getting into his stride now. 
“the Palestinians have been victims of Israeli terrorism for decades. I condemn any side that is practicing extremism based on identity or affiliation.”
Hamas thinks ‘national liberation’ is a just cause for the Palestinians, but ‘quite the opposite’ for Jews. Never mind, Jeremy is too considerate to hint that he’s spotted a little hypocrisy. Too kind.  
Hang on, what’s this Meshaal is saying now? Muslim Brotherhood? Moi?

“We have a moderate ideology and an open mind. Others practice violence in the name of Jihad which we condemn and this is not Islam.”
Dear Jeremy is looking slightly perplexed. 
“There are plenty of people in America, Britain, Israel, other places, who would laugh when they heard you say that Hamas is a moderate organisation. That’s not how they’d describe you” 
Jeremy posits, cheekily, whilst distancing himself from such a laughable notion.
“The ones who are laughing at our logic today they should laugh at Mandela, and what the Vietnamese people have done, and what De Gaulle did when he led the liberation war against the Nazi occupation in the second World War. They should laugh at George Washington and the American revolution. The people of the world have been liberated from occupiers and the Palestinian people are doing the same, and so is Hamas.”

and on that bombshell, the video ends. Anyone would think it’s April Fool’s day.

Update: Read BBC Watch’s forensic analysis here.


  1. “There are plenty of people in America, Britain, Israel, other places, who would laugh when they heard you say that Hamas is a moderate organisation. That’s not how they’d describe you”

    That's a bit rich coming from someone who called the Muslim Brotherhood "moderate".

  2. What a useless interview.

    Bowen if he knew anything would know Hamas are violently opposed to a two state solution.

    He should ask questions such as:

    1. "Why does the Hamas constitution contain grossly offensive anti-Jewish wording?"

    2. "Do you think the Jews are actually apes and pigs as suggested in your holy scriptures?"

    3. "Would you ever accept a truce longer than 10 years with the Israelis?"

    4. "Do you consider the Palestinians who drive vehicles into crowds of people on the street to be terrorists or people engaged in legitimate military activity and if the latter would you say it was legitimate for the Israelis to deploy such tactics against your people?"

    5. "Is right under Sharia law to kill gays?"