Friday 11 October 2019

Am I the only one?

People were amused and entertained by this young fellow. (Look at the comments below this tweet) I wonder if anyone at the Beeb reads below the line responses to its Q.T. Twitter thingy.
 “am I the only one who spots the youthful Momentum plants in BBCQT audiences most weeks? I love how confident they are of the dear leader's popularity with the masses, in the face of all the evidence. Nothing that a little strategic entryism into live telly broadcasts won't surmount”

says a commenter on H.P. (link to website temporarily unavailable)
No, I don’t think you are (the only one)

Update: Brendan O'Neill

"As soon as the Beeb announced that Hartley-Brewer, the journalist, broadcaster and fiery talkRADIO host, would be on QT tonight, the mob got into action. They said it was repulsive for the national broadcaster to ‘platform’ someone like Hartley-Brewer. They demanded that the BBC rethink – that is, it should throw this foul, Brexit-supporting woman off the panel."


  1. Much as I admire Brendan O’Neill, certain things he says sound unconvincing to me, and this…

    “There are loads of people I passionately disagree with in British political and media circles and yet I have never, not once, thought to myself: ‘Eurgh, I must ensure that person is denied a platform.’ Such a thing would never cross my mind, and it wouldn’t cross most people’s minds.”

    ……is one of them. Personally I must confess that when I hear antisemitic, religiously driven pro-Palestinian activists given credence on the BBC I have that old familiar (and decidedly intolerant) ‘no-platform’ reflex.

    By the same token, the Newsnight that was aired simultaneously (to last night’s QT) featured an unhinged seeming ER lady whose scaremongering alarmism was 'through the roof.' H/T Guido

    I wonder if Brendan is really as virtuous as he claims. There’s another topic he’s written about recently with which I take issue but that’s for another time.

    Forgive me for disagreeing with my own post, if that's what I'm doing.

    1. Wasn't he in the Revolutionary Communist Group at one time? I can't imagine they didn't want to no-platform anyone at any time. But leaving that aside, he is now on the side of the angels.

    2. I doubt he is old enough
      though Spike links back
      Monbiot's famous 2003 article
      The Revolutionary Communist party : In 1988, it set up a magazine called Living Marxism, later LM. By this time, the organisation, led by the academic Frank Furedi, the journalist Mick Hume and the teacher Claire Fox, had moved overtly to the far right.
      In 2000, LM magazine was sued by ITN, after falsely claiming that the news organisation's journalists had fabricated evidence of Serb atrocities against Bosnian Muslims. LM closed, and was resurrected as the web magazine Spiked and the thinktank the Institute of Ideas.

  2. Society in general needs to get away from completely agreeing or disagreeing, or being a fan/not of fan of people. With Brendan, I agree with him on freedom of speech and protecting us from 'trans-speak' language-enforcement, but he's wrong about the environment (ER are nutters, but we do need to look after nature) and he has a weird inverse-snobbery thing going on (see also Rod Liddle).

  3. It's not immediately apparent that this the tweet that opens this article has a video clip
    BTW the Harry's Place link is now working


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