Friday 11 October 2019

Nocturnal Twitterings IV

Rob Burley (@robburley - from British Columbia)@RobBurl, would you please post a tweet that mentions I am getting mistaken for you. I would like not to get tweets directed for you. I would appreciate it. 
Rob Burley (@RobBurl - BBC): Please stop bothering this other Rob Burley. Poor guy gets inundated.  
Rob Burley (@RobBurley1983 - from Surrey): I second that, it’s incredibly frustrating!!! 
Richard (@theramblingelf - chap on Twitter): You guys should form a self help group. 
Giles Dilnot (@reporterboy - ex-BBC): Reminds me of the very lovely American archaeologist called Rebekah Brooks who had an awful time during the hacking scandal.

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  1. These other Burleys should just have "We get complaints from both sides" saved on their machine, to fob off complainants.


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