Tuesday 8 October 2019

Is Dominic Casciani biased?

The BBC appears to turning the arrest of 13 people over a massive drugs bust into a shameless opportunity to bash Brexit. 

In contrast, pleased note that ITV News is reporting the story straight, without any anti-Brexit editorialising.

So here's the BBC's very own Dominic Casciani giving his 'analysis' on the BBC News website as if he were a New European op-ed writer:
This investigation has got results thanks to cross-border European co-operation. 
Six arrests by Dutch investigators were under the EU's European Arrest Warrant, which aims to swiftly extradite suspects to face justice in the UK. 
But the UK won't be able to use this tool if it leaves the EU without a security deal. 
The UK will also, overnight, leave Europol and Eurojust - both of which were involved in this investigation. 
They co-ordinate the sharing of information and evidence that police and prosecutors use to put serious criminals behind bars. 
The government has, however, today published a 159-page "No Deal Readiness" report. 
If you get to page 153, you will find it admits that leaving the EU without a deal amounts to a "loss of capability" for British police. 
And it further admits that the proposed alternatives "cannot fully compensate for the loss of EU co-operation tools".
And that's it. He's getting ever more blatant.

BBC impartiality, my gluteus maximus!


  1. I heard on Sky, not the BBC of course, that whatever the EU agreement might be on European Arrest Warrants getting Dutch people extradited from the Netherlands on drug-dealing offences is likely to prove difficult because of our "tough" sentencing policy. I deduce from that that they can use a Human Rights defence of some sort which will trump the Arrest Warrant.

    Also presumably Casciani is not interested in the fact we have about 14000 wanted EU citizens circulating in our country thanks to ease of entry plus countless other serious criminals for the same reason.

  2. Does the BBC ever report anything straight? This morning I caught the News headlines on Radio 4 at ten o'clock. There was an item about Turkey going into Syria 'following [President Trump's] controversial decision' to withdraw troops.

    Why don't they just give us the factual 'following the decision' and leave us to decide what we think of it?

    1. Controversial is one of those dog whistles for the lib-left pack along with Far Right and a host of others. Sometimes their news bulletins are just one dog whistle after another.


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