Sunday 20 October 2019

...from both sides (zzzzzzz)

If you spend too much time reading Twitter comments about BBC bias you'll come across many a regular.

Such as Simon Maginn. 

He's a Corbynista 'ultra' who regularly rides to the rescue of Labour antisemties.

He sticks in my my mind so much because he once seriously lost his temper with Rob Burley after Rob had described a baseless accusation of BBC bias from him as "mad".

He rampaged across the Twittersphere accusing Rob of branding him as 'mentally ill'.

He was so wild about it that and so immune to reason that, I must confess, I instantly nicknamed him 'Mad Simon Maginn'.

He's still at it - though in his official complaint to the BBC he's holding onto the rails and trying to sound reasonable.

He's complained about a rare Corbyn joke on Radio 4's The News Quiz:

Wonder how he'll get on with that?


  1. I think BBC once declared c**t to be okay when applied to Conservatives because that's the sort of thing the audience from these type of programmes expect to hear. I think near the knucke stuff about Corbyn falls within this rule, but as he's Labour.....

  2. The BBC has always been ambivalent about Corbyn. There has been some bias against him. They would be much happier with Prime Minister Yvette Cooper or Prime Minister Keith Starmer than Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

    Are such jokes permissible? - certainly if people can joke (or simply assert) that Farage is a fascist. After all there was that comment he made that came across as being about "Jews not getting English irony". We know that anti-semitism runs as a continuous thread through far left socialism. Perhaps he imbibed it with his mother's milk. He certainly does like to consort with anti-semites such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime (don't forget Hamas have the Protocols of the Elders of Zion written into their constitution) and there's also always been a strong tradition of anti-semitism in Catholic Republicanism in Ireland.

  3. There was a palpable groan from the Corbynistas in the audience audience - almost a kind of shock that instead of being invited to virtue signal and sneer at anyone to the right of Vladimir Lenin their beloved leader was being satirised. I must admit I did rather enjoy the moment. But I fear that my enjoyment will be short-lived as Mad Simon Maginn’s complaint will probably be upheld. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary it will be deemed unacceptable to call Corbyn anti-Semitic. Meanwhile, with no evidence whatsoever the far left, on and off the BBC will continue to accuse anyone they disagree with of being fascists and Nazis.

  4. On BBBC there was a link to an OFCOM 'report' sneaked out, and then disked by Stew Green.

    Suffice to say, Simon might be disappointed if he persists.

    Or, looking at the Huw and Cry post next door... maybe not.


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