Sunday 20 October 2019

Has Katya been "colluding with foreign powers"?

Several people are pointing out that Boris Johns is the leader of the UK government:
He is the official government and allowed to work with foreign powers. It’s literally in the government’s mandate to do so, not back bench MPs. Your comparison is poorly thought through.
Err... He's the Prime Minister. It is his job. Sounds like this BBC correspondent needs to go on a basic constitutional primer. 


  1. Would anyone really be surprised if Katya Adler lands a plum EU job in the next year or so? She has dual nationality I expect (given both her parents are German), so the UK leaving is not an issue - from Wikipedia:

    "Adler was born in London to German parents - she grew up in an "English-speaking German household in London" "

    Has she ever mentioned this interesting, and rather relevant, fact on the Brexitcast?

  2. Actually not to know the difference between the PM /government dealing with the EU and an MP is pretty embarrassing for the BBC supposed editor.

  3. For which #CCBGB was designed. Here's mine:

    It’s more what is not within that skull that concerns. I hark to all the times the BBC has refused me information on state media activity as it is ‘commercially sensitive’. Imagine if revolving door media staff did not honour NDAs?‬


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