Thursday 10 October 2019

I'll take the higher offer please, Bradley

The link on that tweet takes you to a BBC News website report.

I'd placed a wager with myself before clicking on it that I wouldn't watch The Chase tonight if I was wrong to predict that the BBC report would demonstrate BBC bias, as it concerned both immigration and the EU/Brexit. 

I immediately looked at the the two bold, large-print sub-headlines and saw that they said 'Hostile environment' and 'Windrush-style scandal' - both dog-whistle headlines for left-liberal types - and knew that I'm definitely watching The Chase tonight.

Whoever chose those two sub-headlines doesn't reckon much to what the Home Office minister said and seemingly regards the whole thing as scandalous and racist.

The language of the BBC report - eg. its use of the word 'pressed' - and the larger proportion of it given over to quoting critics of the Government also shows BBC bias functioning predictably. 

Right. Time for The Chase...


  1. The BBC World View on borders:

    1. When it comes to stymieing Brexit, "Borders means borders, the harder the better with loads of infrastructure - nothing else will do".

    2. When it comes to flooding this country with unnecessary millions of migrants then "Borders are meaningless constructs, an oppressive affront to human rights, and should be circumvented."

  2. Look forward to the BBC article questioning the German minister on why Brits living in Germany will only have 9 months post-Brexit to register and 'pressing' them on whether those who don't register in time could face 'deportation'.

    Could be a long wait...


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