Tuesday 15 October 2019

XR very much alive on the BBC

XR's Zion Lights (whose date with Andrew Neil didn't go too well. Maybe she should have tried Andrew Marr?)

Though complaining the other day that they were being excluded from the BBC's airwaves - despite prominent members appearing on Question Time, Politics Live and The Andrew Neil Show within the space of just one week (last week) - I'm still seeing supporters of the supposedly-silenced Extinction Rebellion on the BBC. 

There were two of them, for example, on this morning's Victoria Derbyshire show, discussing whether the Met police were right to ban them from the streets of London.

Both being supporters, they both agreed the police were wrong.

The other side of the argument was supplied by...er...no one. 

Oddly, using TV Eyes to further check on the BBC's coverage of this story, I see that, though it has been a major headline throughout much of the day, the BBC News Channel hasn't actually interviewed many people about it.

In fact, the only non-VD Show interview today (so far at least) has been with Green MEP Ellie Chowns [Alexander, from the previous post, will approve!]. She supports XR and was arrested last night during the police clear-out while questioning the police's actions. 

Surely even St. George Monbiot wouldn't think that this provides evidence of anti-XR BBC bias, would he?


  1. Who knows what strange thoughts pass through George Monbiot's brain? Each morning must come a new revelation as he opens his eyes. You wouldn't be surprised if he woke up one morning and decided that roofing tiles were a terrible blight on the natural world, preventing birds and bats from finding places to nest and roost; he would be straight on the keyboard writing an article for the Guardian setting out his proposal for all tiled roofs to be removed, with severe custodial sentences for those who refuse to comply.

  2. The image of George giggling like a maniac as he was carted off was... entirely unsurprising.

    Other than Andrew Neil and Emma Barnett, the BBC appears to have gone back to being a total XRating agency.


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