Thursday 17 October 2019


Evan Davis, on tonight's PM, has done the decent thing and admitted that he (and, presumably, his BBC colleagues) got it wrong: 
Boris Johnson got a deal that many of us thought was impossible. The EU did move, contrary to its own assertions, to those of many experts and to the assumptions of many of us in the media. 
Well done Evan!


  1. Yes, that is a more honest appraisal. Next stop, Evan...consider how this "us" has come about. You are living in a self-referential bubble. You care more about more about the drivel written by people like Polly Toynbee, Zoe Williams, Marina Hyde and Rafael Behr writes in the Guardian than the realities staring you in the face.

    If this was the beginning of wisdom, I would for one would applaud him but I have a horrible feeling he'll be back in the bubble next week.

    Evan is odd. When you hear him talk about cities or discuss business realities on "The Bottom Line" he sounds quite sane and insightful...but then I can never forget him asking Nigel Farage whether he warmed to the Paddington Bear children's movie as a searing indictment of migration border control. How could we ever take him seriously as a political analyst after that?

    1. We bought the Paddington Bear DVD because we thought it would be nice gentle viewing with no 'F's, even before the titles, to offend our ears.

      Yet it soom became quite clear that it was pushing a pro-immigration line and the writers had set out to brainwash children so it was quite nice of someone in the MSM to acknowledge that indeed that was the case.

      P.S. Evan, it was supposed to be a secret from the unsuspecting grown-ups!

    2. Well...yes...except I don't think Evan quite put it that way... :)


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