Sunday 27 October 2019

What to say?

Well, it seems - though the BBC remains cautious about this - that the founder of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Bigdaddy, has finally been decaliphinated by Donald Trump's special forces.

The BBC's elders are now chewing the cud on the matter:
John SimpsonThe real credit for the death of al-Baghdadi must surely go to the dogged policework of US intelligence - plus, no doubt, the huge reward money to give him up.  
Hugh Sykes: Making up for all the lack of US intelligence which left so many resentful and angry Baathists and army officers without a future after 2003, allowing them to help Zarkawi & Al Qaeda at first and then Baghdadi to kill so many hundreds of Syrians and Iraqis. 
John Simpson: That really was Paul Bremer’s doing. As I understand it the US military and intelligence disagreed. 
Hugh Sykes: Yes. US military I was often embedded with around that time were hopping mad but wouldn't hop madly for my microphone. "Oh, Hugh, I w i s h I could go on the record!" one batallion commander said to me in desperation. And I was thinking of 'intelligence' in the IQ sense as well!

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  1. Thanks John, I forgot - US Intelligence no longer bad guys, now good guys thanks to them helping out the Democrats with Impeachment of "The Greatest Threat To World Peace and Democracy Since The Dinosaurs".

    Hugh - have you been on the sherry again? Al Queda and IS killed only "many hundreds" of Syrians and Iraqis. "Many hundreds" was all in a day's work to them. Still, at least it's good to know it was all a Fascisty Baathist thing and nothing to do with Islam. Good avoidance of "the I Word" there.

    Splendid work though, the both of you, by turning this all into an Anti-American thing by the end of the exchange.


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