Sunday 6 October 2019

Huw know who

Huw standing out

The press review on this morning's Andrew Marr programme discussed an Observer report on the ongoing controversy in Wales over what to call the Welsh assembly. 

Those inclined to the nationalist side of the debate favour using only the Welsh word 'Senedd' - pronounced 'Seneth', as the Plaid Cymru leader told Andrew Marr this morning after he'd pronounced it phonetically - while those of the other persuasion prefer the bilingual option of 'Senedd/Welsh Parliament' (a position being campaigned for by former Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones). 

Andrew pointed out the photo of his BBC colleague Huw Edwards towering over the article but didn't explain why Huw was looming over it. So I checked the Observer piece for myself, and it turns out that Huw Edwards has been channelling his inner Naga and giving his view on the matter:
“I’m not in a position to comment on the politics of this, but I can certainly say I’m rather puzzled by the proposal. Senedd is now widely established and understood as the name of the democratically elected body in Cardiff Bay. Senedd has strong historical resonance as the word for the representative body assembled in 1404 by Owain Glynd┼Árr, the last native prince of Wales. 
“It is not a complex word. There’s none of the usual guff about being ‘difficult to pronounce’ [Craig - try telling that to Andrew Marr!] , which is always an excuse not to use Welsh in some quarters. It is a Welsh word for the principal democratic body in Wales. What exactly is the problem?”
Post-Naga, I'm sure Huw has nothing to worry about. I'm quite sure he won't get into trouble over this.


  1. Huw knew he had opinions? Before, we had only the sneer on his lips to go on...and the pop eyed surprise...and the dismissive wave of the hand...and the knitted brow of concern...and the litte one sentence or two summary "Thanks Jon...more trouble for President Trump it would seem...meanwhile Boris Johnson faces his own challenges back in Downing Street following revelations that..."

  2. Here in North Wales it is known as the Cardiff Coffee Shop / Siop Goffi Caerdydd.

  3. Fantastic really, in Wales Huw refers back to 1404. I remember the SNP being bigged-up for going back to the Arbroath declaration in 13 something. Meanwhile in England we are scorned if we try to remember the England of the 80s before mass immigration.
    BBC hates the English. Loves anyone and anything anti-English.

    1. Yes - England is not allowed any history, unless it's Ignominious 'Istory.

  4. I think I can confirm there is no controversy or even vague interest in the name of the assembly in Wales.

  5. Maybe they should call it:

    Siop Siarad Ddiwerth*

    *Useless talking shop.


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