Friday 11 October 2019

Nocturnal Twitterings VI

(Unexpected, this one:)

Hugh Sykes, BBCHey Extinction Rebellion! Aviation accounts for 2 to 3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Cement manufacture produces four times as much CO2: 8%. Why are you targetting minor offender London City Airport instead of cement factories?...And annoyance in anyone who knows the facts instead of being seduced into this messianic new religion without doing a bit of (easy) research first.


  1. Extinction Rebellion and other eco-warriors are all hypocrits. They are consumers and consumers drive supply of goods and services which use fossil fuels.

    Why does no one challenge these demonstrators by asking how they got to London and how they heat their houses? If they didn't walk or cycle and use gas, they are part of the problem not part of the solution. If they ever have bought something online and had it delivered, they are encouraging the increasing use of van drivers using diesel fuel. Ask them if they eat bananas, avocado pears or imported food of any kind... they cause nasty smokey ships and lorries to make unnecessary journeys.

    An audit of every demonstrator's carbon footprint will reveal how committed they really are... and then it will expose them as do as I say not as I do hypocrits who expect someone else to reduce their carbon footprints but not themselves. Offsetting your carbon footprint planting trees somewhere is a nonsense as the tree will take years to grow to absorb enough CO2, and will be cut down in 50-70 years to make something, or be burnt for eco-friendly firewood!

  2. I imagine they are not targeting the major offenders in the same way as they are not taking their protest to China, India and Russia.

  3. ER are more than naive idealists or hypocrites. They are hugely damaging death cult. If their policies were implemented there would be millions of deaths, mass starvation and the housing crisis would be a hundred times worse. The NHS would collapse. Ambulances would fail to reach emergency cases. Train and bus transport would collapse. Ten million people would be thrown out of work.

    The only thing that would survive untroubled would be the BBC, thanks to the licence fee.

    I was outraged that they are now allowing these death cult extremists on to Question Time, to spread their lies.


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