Sunday 13 October 2019

The BBC and XR

Gail Bradbrook

Here's something I've not heard before, courtesy of Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times:
In July, the BBC actually invited one of the founder of Extinction Rebellion, Gail Bradbrook, to "advise" its editorial team on how to report on climate change. This is the woman who attributes her insight into the imminent end of life on the planet to the "rewiring" of her brain after consumption of prodigious amounts of psychedelic drugs. 
Wonder how it went?


  1. Yesterday I had some time to track down the sources for something I half remembered.

    I think I first heard about it via James Corbett of the Corbett report.
    Anyway, I hadn't mis-remembered - but what I remembered happened a lot earlier than I had thought.

    In 2006, the BBC held a seminar at Broadcasting House - ‘Climate Change - The Challenge to Broadcasting’.

    On page 16 of this report, the seminar is described :

    I also found a brief mention of the event by Melanie Philips :

    Here is a list of the people who were at the seminar :

    The result of the BBC seminar has now reached peak hysteria - it was a conscious decision to take one side of the science and support it, no matter what the BBC says to the contrary.

    I think at some point those climate scientists who are omitted from the new religion will simply have to come out of the shadows and risk their careers.

    1. One final point. In the transcript of your article :

      Samira Ahmed: The BBC's position now seems to be that the scientific consensus lies with man-made climate change being a major threat. Does it mean, as some viewers are concerned, that there is no space anymore for people who disagree?

      Ahmed must be well aware of BBC policy. The words 'now seems' are a screen.

  2. Just going by the pic I'm seeing hair dye, make up, jewellery, and manufactured clothing, or - to put it another way - a lot of unnecessary carbon emissions.


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