Sunday 13 October 2019

No laughing matter

When not talking Priti Patel often wears an expression that some people think looks like a smirk. Those who don't like her often fling the word "smug" at her because of it. She was wearing it again while Andrew Marr was asking her a long question this morning. And he told her off for it mid-question:
Let's hear from those businesses directly then because a whole bunch of them...and I'll read them out: The Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the people who make and sell cars, the Chemical Industries Association, the Food and Drink Federation, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Aerospace Trade Industry body, a lot of people who are actually at the forefront of trying to make this country earn its place in the world sent a letter to the Government which I'll now read out part of to you, and they say that this proposal is "a serious risk to manufacturing competeness and will result in huge new costs and disruption to UK firms." I can't see why you're laughing. "It's got the potential to risk consumer and food safety and confidence, access to overseas markets for UK exporters and vital future investment in innovation in this country." That is a really serious challenge to this plan, is it not? 
She wasn't laughing though. 

Anyhow, it's won Andrew plenty of plaudits from the sort of people who usually spend their Sunday mornings slagging him off for being a Tory stooge:

  • On #Marr Marr read out the concerns of No Deal to Pritti Patel & she started laughing. Marr was incensed & said why are you laughing.
  • Andrew Marr reprimanded Priti Patel for smirking - or as he put it "I don't know what your laughing about" - when he started to ask about the predicted negative effects of No Deal Brexit. He's right - her smug gloating is most inappropriate.
  • "I can't see why you're laughing" says #Marr to a smirking, intellectually challenged Priti Patel (whilst he was reading the genuine concerns of businesses). Brilliant.
  • "I don't see why you're laughing". Nice one, Andrew.
  • Well done #marr! Priti Patel with that arrogant smile told "I don't know why you're laughing" when listening to business leaders fears.

Update - Guido Fawkes isn't impressed:

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  1. Well I would be laughing. I'd reel off the various scare stories run by the BBC including the Glinka Claim on Newsnight that every new young born lamb, ewe and ram, yeah unto the very last of the field, was immediately to be put to the slaughter in Northern Ireland the day after a No Deal Brexit. Or that we wouldn't be able to fly to Europe. Or that we would have no fresh water. Or that someone is going to start putting up border posts in Northern Ireland (who? when? questions never answered). Or that granny wouldn't be able to get her false teeth prescroption sorted (I may have made up the last one).


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