Sunday 20 October 2019

...from both sides (zzzz)

If you watched the BBC News Channel yesterday afternoon you'll know that the BBC, as well as covering events in the House of Commons, repeatedly reported on the anti-Brexit protests in London, at times using a split-screen effect to show live footage of the protests as events unfolded in Parliament or the BBC studio. I did think for a few seconds that even the wildest #FBPE types would be pretty happy with the BBC's coverage but - with reality quickly kicking in - I know them too well for that:
Michael #FBPE (V)Dear BBC News. It seems to me that your continuing insistence that we gauge the mood of the nation on Brexit by talking to a few angry men outside a Wetherspoons isn't balanced. A million protestors deserves more coverage and should help divest you of ongoing pro-Brexit bias.
Huw Edwards, BBCI’m sick of the toxicity on both sides. It seems to me that you should actually watch our coverage. I continually drew attention to this People's Vote March on air yesterday over several hours. Our BBC News coverage watched by big audiences. 
To be fair to Huw, he certainly did continually drew attention to this People's Vote March on air yesterday over several hours.


  1. As I mentioned on the previous Open Thread I listened to Mike Graham on Talk Radio yesterday. His pro-Leave bias is obvious and clear.

    It's the mirror image of the BBC pro-Remain bias which to me is equally clear and obvious.

    It's not that difficult to spot bias.

    The BBC must think we are like children not to be able to identify their bias or the FBPE tactic, as pioneered by the demigod Lord Adonis himself, of putting in bogus complaints about BBC pro-Leave bias (which amount to allowing a minority of pro-Leave people on their programmes to be badgered and made fools of by hostile BBC presenters).

  2. Who actually did the calculation of a million at that march? I have seen an estimate based on well-established techniques done from the air of 78,000. It is a pity the police no longer publish the figures.

  3. Huw pulling a rapid Hose Elf Burl?

    "Please sir.... we did sir... honest"


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