Friday 18 October 2019

Radio 4 listeners II

...And talking of 'just your average Radio 4 listener', Feedback is running a feature at the moment which aims to 'take Radio 4 listeners out of their comfort zones'.

Every week the two chosen listeners give their own 3 Desert Island Disc choices of Radio 4 programmes.

So far this series every one - male, female, young or old, posh or even posher - has included Woman's Hour in their personal Top 3s.

Even the old chap today who first named Farming Today and Just a Minute then rounded off his list with Woman's Hour.

How Radio 4 is that!

Hilariously Roger Bolton took them 'out of their comfort zone' by asking them to listen to Trending on the BBC World Service. Trending is as Radio 4-like a programme as you could ever wish to hear, frequently 'woke', regularly obsessing about race.

It may have surprised Roger but it didn't surprise me that they'd love it and didn't feel remotely 'out of their comfort zones'. (They sounded the type - no offence)! 

The subject of the programme was "Can an algorhythm be racist?" 

And Roger Bolton himself loved it. He even said so:
And, so, do you think it was a good subject? I mean, from my point of view I hadn't really thought about algorithms being racist so - and it's a terribly important issue - so I was impressed by the choice of subject.
That didn't surprise me either.


  1. I hate to be glib, but I think it is Radio 4 journalists who need to step outside of their comfort zone.

  2. Obsession with Women’s Hour probably because some in BBC know it’s an out of date programme are it’s under some threat.
    Actually when I listen now to the Today programme with women interviewing women about female concerns , I think it has morphed into Women’s 3 hours.


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