Friday 18 October 2019

Kirsty v Paul

Though Emily Maitlis continues to regularly retweet her ex-Newsnight colleague Paul Mason (as if they are still besties), there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of warmth now between the ex-Newsnight far-left extremist and another of his former Newsnight colleagues, namely Kirsty Wark - at least if tonight's Newsnight is anything to go by. This snippy exchange was even chillier in the flesh than it appears on the page:
Kirsty Wark: Joining me tonight we have Salma Shah, who was a special advisor at the Home Office until earlier this year, The Sun's political editor Tom Newton Dunn, author and Labour activist... 
Paul Mason: (interrupting): Journalist. 
Kirsty Wark:, journalist and activist Paul Mason, and Westminster Correspondent for the Yorkshire Post, Geraldine Scott. 
Actually, Kirsty was right first time.


  1. Yes, I saw it too and can confirm it was more frosty than a bowl of Frosties with iced milk on top.

    She must have known what she was doing, as he had previously tweeted a complaint about being so referred to by the BBC, I think it was. No love lost there then.

    Is Paul Mason the only person in the UK to still use the phrase "moral fibre" unironically? Michael Buerk might use it but with a touch of irony I would say.

  2. And yet, he seems almost a feature.


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