Thursday 31 October 2019

"Ambassadors of Palestine"

Can anyone fill in the missing words? Look at the video of Husam Zomlot, the PLO representative in the UK who calls himself the "Ambassador of Palestine at the UK.” The speech was made during the Pearson Global Forum in Berlin earlier this month. (H/T EoZ)

I transcribed it as best I could, but if anyone can decipher the two missing words I’d be grateful. (Click on the first link above) I want to ‘trouser’ it for when I need to explain why I think people are wasting their time thinking of a future Palestinian state as any kind of ‘solution'.

“About the two state solution. Let me explain something that I think is missed in the discussion. 
"People think the two state solution is a Palestinian demand. Wherever we go now they tell us, “ah yea I know: you demand a two state solution, you aspire, in territory you claim to be yours!” Language like that. Even in major, you know, newspapers, that the Palestinians want to be their state - the land territory that the Palestinians want to the theres. This is really really…..  it must end! 
"Number one, the Palestinians, you know, the two state solution was never a Palestinian demand; it was a Palestinian concession! And it was a Palestinian concession towards becoming ????? with international ????????? 
For Palestinians it doesn’t make sense that early on, the starting point of foregoing 78% of what was rightly yours, you don’t start there. Start somewhere else."
Guido’s video here is another beauty. 

“Also, thank Phyllis Starkey for all her work for Palestine while she was in parliament…..
I felt the urge to transcribe the first few words of this clip because who the hell is “Phyllis Starkey when she’s at home, as the saying goes. At first, I thought he was saying “Thanks for Liz Starkey” then I realised my mistake - but why does Milton Keynes, or for that matter the UK Parliament,  need someone to “work for Palestine”?
Oh look, she supports Isis too! (joke)  "Member of Isis Community Boatrd (sic)


  1. It sounded like "allied with international initiatives" which I interpret to mean they went along with the internationally sponsored peace talks - it wasn't their desire.

    1. Thank you for that. I agree with ‘allied’ or maybe ‘aligned’, but the word that comes across as ‘vizzy-gence’ is still a bit of a puzzle, although as you say, In context it could be 'initiatives'.

      The gist of it is that the Palestinian leadership sees the ‘two-state’ demand as their ‘concessionary’ negotiating strategy towards the ultimate ‘one state’ goal (including the full RoR.)

      The fact that Mr Zomlot feels confident enough to be 'honest' in front of that audience is disconcerting.


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