Sunday 6 October 2019

In a nutshell

Rod Liddle certainly has a way with words. In his Sunday Times column today, for example, he describes Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day' as "three minutes of anodyne, flopsy-bunny drivel filtered through the sphincter of a spineless liberal BBC apparatchik". And do you know what? He's right too.


  1. The only one who has ever been remotely interesting was old Rabbi Lionel Blue...very often delivered in the throes of a manic or depressive phase, they could sometimes be quite loopy but occasionally insightful. Otherwise you just play that "how many seconds to mention of God, or whatever deity?" game that Charles Moore referenced once. Who holds the record? Has anyone ever started with "God..."?

    I think there is value in reflection of a morning, but it has become so watered down into a God-lite mush that it serves no purpose. It would be better to have a poem read, or a soliloquy, or some philosophical thoughts from the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Erasmus, Francis Bacon, Montaigne...or some letters from the past - they can be very interesting and affecting.

    Instead we get a succession of nomark left wing or pro-Sharia religious types offering up a bit of third rate philsophising that a 12 year old child could see through.

    1. "The Cracker-barrel philosophy slot."


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