Saturday 26 October 2019

Cat fight

Award-winning anti-Brexit Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr's close associate Shahmir Sanni is certainly going all claws scratching against the BBC today.

Here's a transcript of his Twitter torrent. (I'll highlight in bold the names of BBC individuals he attacks along the way).

It's quite something!:

  • The BBC actively worked to bury my story. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat this. Just look at the people they’re platforming. All the same people that were complicit in the crimes committed during the Brexit referendum. You need to all stop pretending.
  • Laura Kuenssberg literally set up an interview with Matthew Elliot to defame me and never reached out to me. She gave him a primetime slot. Let him call me a liar, a conspiracy theorist - even though I have been vindicated a dozen times over. Do you think that’s not planned?
  • They stopped me from coming on tv. They avoided my comments. Their journalists spread rumours about me to other media outlets. Editors literally went around lying about my integrity and my evidence. And yet here we are.
  • People like Rob Burley who actively went on tirades on twitter trying to make me out to me some bitter person...justifying my humiliating treatment in ridiculous ways...knowing full well that he is friends with some of the people involved in the electoral crimes.
  • People like Andrew Marr who behind the cameras told people that my story was just, and I quote, ‘a lovers spat’. People like Kuenssberg who allowed people to defame me. People like Andrew Neil who needs absolutely no introduction.
  • We went to the BBC first. They were fully onboard to cover my story. Panorama had began picking filming locations. Then...when it got to senior editors...the story was cancelled. I was abandoned by the BBC because they were too scared. They didn’t want to go after them.
  • Don’t take it from me, just use google and twitter search to come to the conclusion yourself. As I always say, ‘the evidence is there’.
  • Peace out.

So far only Andrew Marr has replied, but his reply could hardly be clearer. It's just two words:

  • A lie. 


  1. What's it all about? Anyone know?

  2. Shahmir Sanni.........

    Crazy name, crazy guy/woman/whateverah


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