Sunday 20 October 2019

The Blame Game

A comment from a favourite BBC pundit (Anand Menon) this morning...

Quentin Letts (The Times): Jaded old hack though I be, am haunted by footage of Jacob Rees-Mogg and his young son being so menaced by protestors that he needed a police phalanx. This is the most polite of men, with his kid, for God's sake. Weird, bad days. And still that idiot Letwin wants delay.

Anand Menon (UK in A Changing Europe): This is the problem. Trying to blame Letwin for the behaviour of a few idiots in the street.

....reminds me that Emily Mailis tried to blamed Boris Johnson for the behaviour of a few idiots in the street.


  1. An anarchic group of activists have infiltrated the pro EU Rebel Alliance under the guise of being supporters. Their aim is destructive. It was telling that no XR protests were reported yesterday - leaving us free to assume that many of the same protesters probably dropped the XR mantle for the day in favour of the 'People's Vote' demos.

    We never hear of traffic jams rail delays on the approaches to London, so it is a fair bet that most are London-based activists. The crowds appear overwhelmingly white, well-dressed and at ease - not at all representative of the London population. Also, protests are well equipped - EU flags, teeshirts hats etc in plentiful supply. Having the time and money to protest day after day must raise the question of who foots the bill. How are hundreds of thousands of people energised other than by being comfortably off. If it is true that groups from XR swapped their banners for the day yesterday, then they are in effect protesters for sale - within that group are out and out anarchists who verbally abused JRM and son.

  2. I heard today on the radio it wasn't a "few idiots" abusing Mogg, it was thousands.

    This is a generally middle class protest. The thought they might have to queue in a separate non EU channel at European airports, or have to fill in complicated forms to retain their second homes abroad, or apply for visas, is really annoying to them. They couldn't care less if Sunderland were razed to the ground or if the UK breaks up or if a democratic vote of the British people is ignored or if the EU becomes a single superstate with only limited democracy...they just don't want any inconvenience in their comfortable lives.

    1. Richard Sennett has written in Building Design

      ... 'Give cities a voice at UN to tackle climate change – Sennett' ...

      Senett says that cities are 'more progressive' than the countries in which they are located. This must be taken as a pointer as to the motivation of the London metro-elite. MPs once elected have their ticket to be a part of the London elite, and it is this that provides the motivation to act in defiance of their constituents - once the the gates they have made good and couldn't care less. The hollow words yesterday from mainly Labour female MPs about protecting their constituents' interest was sickening. They are running scared away from them, desperate to keep a grip on their ticket to ride.

    2. ... once the the gates ... once through the gates of Westminster protected by a ring of security ...

  3. Interesting about protest and variable media empathies.

    Personally if I had been JRM, Jr. would not have been by my side, phalanx of hi-vis or not. Hydorchloric Mr. Whippees are broad footprint weapon.

    So it was interesting to find a few mediocre and gobby I usually am at odds with damning him for using his child as a shield.

    Meanwhile, behind a sandbag in Gaza, or train roof human ladder at St Pancras...

  4. Anna Soubry has one person say something horrid and wants the person to be arrested. Emily gives her the sympathetic treatment and allowed her to rant on how terrible it was. Jacob Rees-Mogg has allegedly hundreds doing the same, and Emily Maitlis displays no sympathy and blames the Government!


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