Friday 11 October 2019

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Zion Lights (l) and friends

The Daily Telegraph (online) has the breaking news today:
Extinction Rebellion activists have set up a barricade outside the BBC's New Broadcasting House as the protest group accused the broadcaster of "deadly silence" over climate change.  
One journalist said the protesters were not letting anyone in or out of the building and a BBC reporter said the building was "locked down".
If Extinction Rebellion think the BBC has been "silent" over climate change they urgently need to get their ears syringed.

Update: No wonder no one can get in. The ER crowd looks massive. I'm guessing 2 million people from this image:


  1. Now the BBC is inviting them onto Politics programmes - Politics Live and Question Time this week. Have they displaced the LibDems? There wasn't one on QT - not that I'm complaining. Could it be the BBC is chasing ratings, hopping on bandwagons?

  2. It's raining. That will be enough to keep demonstrators away. They like their creature comforts.

    1. They've got to think about their hair dye (how many carbon emissions do hair dye sales account for?).

  3. The cynic in me believes the BBC encouraged or even suggested this action so as to provide yet more air time for ER - after all, you can't simply ignore these things, can you ?

  4. There were actually more outside our Market Place recently.

    I am currently having in 'interesting' time pointing out to our local XR propaganda sheet, or the The Gazette, that less than 1% of population does not really speak for the town.

    Anyway, the last few days has seen XR provide some truly hilarious links to my next missive.

    All I need is Dame Emma to arrive by B-52 to carpet bomb the local primary.


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