Wednesday 30 October 2019

Cos you’re worth it?

Samira Ahmed and the Beeb babes think they should get as much pay as Jeremy Vine. (I wonder how much Victoria Derbyshire gets?  Oh look, it's £200,000-£249,999. )

Jeremy Vine’s wages are totally bizarre. Personally, if I was forced to choose, I’d rather watch Samira Ahmed than Vine, but neither of them seems particularly irreplaceable. I resent compulsorily paying over the odds for unsatisfactory goods.


  1. This may well backfire on her, him and the BBC.

    Like Remain, Labour and the BBC.

    With luck.

  2. I would have thought Vine does at least eight times more work than Ahmed.

    Points Of View appears to be presented by a robot now. I'm sure the whole process could be automated anyway:
    "Viewer [] said [] was rubbish. We spoke to the producer, she said, We are always glad to receive criticism but in this case we think we got it about right".

  3. I once scratched my arse at Wimbledon. Unfortunately, just like Samira, I wasn't paid anywhere near top dollar for doing so.


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