Monday 21 October 2019

Bloody boring

Talking about impartial BBC journalists, here's Mr Impartiality himself - the BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson being all impartial (as ever) about Brexit:
Our problem with Brexit isn’t that a group of sullen Remainers are blocking the will of the people; it’s that we are divided almost exactly 50-50 over it. Organisations tend to require a 2/3rds majority to change their rules. Surely our nation should have done the same?
No, can't see anything biased about that. That said, I really do need to go to Specsavers, urgently.


  1. Remind me again Mr Simpson how we came to be in the EU in the first place.

    What happened to that vote we were going to get over the Lisbon treaty?

  2. We are starting to hear triumphalist squeals of delight from Simpson and his like. John 'Bollocks to Brexit' Bercow is in his element now like a pig in sh*t.

    1. "Bercow now doing a Willie Whitelaw impression. To say he is enjoying this would be to risk a considerable understatement, as he might say" - James Forsyth, Spectator on Twitter earlier.

    2. Most hated people in public life in the country at the moment:

      1. John Bercow
      2. Oliver Letwin
      3. Dominic Grieve
      4. Keith Starmer
      5. Jeremy Corbyn
      6. Hilary Benn
      7. Anna Soubry
      8. Jo Swinson
      9. Emily Thornberry
      10. Diane Abbott

      I got to number 9 and realised I was missing my diversity target so threw in Diane at no. 10 - probably unfair, as she probably considered a joke by most.

    3. Going to need a bigger, much bigger list

      11. My Noble Lord Adonis
      12. My Noble Lord Hesltine
      13. Tony Bliar.........

    4. You have here the BBC News preferred 'go to' list. Add 14. Ken Clarke. 15. Amber Rudd, 16. Philip Hammond, 17 Alastair Campbell, 18 Joanna Cherry.

    5. May I also add Liz Saville-Roberts...?

    6. And Rory Stewart. He has just come on BBC Radio news to tell us that Boris's timetable is too quick - after three and a half years right!

  3. When or if the revote is 48/52 the other way, let’s remind him of this.

  4. "Organisations tend to require a 2/3rds majority to change their rules." Really? Which organisations? The House of Commons doesn't. Building societies don't.

    Using the "Simpson Rule" the House of Lords would still be composed of hereditary peers and would be able to block legislation indefinitely...there would be no unions would still be illegal...

    How thick is Simpson? Very thick or just thick?

    I think what Simpson means is "I had lunch with X the other day, and we'd had quite a few and X said he read an article in the Guardian which said we ought to have a rule about 2/3 approval for changes to the constitution, like lots of bodies do..."

    1. John Simpson has been appointed by the BBC to announce the post truth: "A decision to leave the EU was far too important to be decided by simple majority".

  5. But the EU has hardly any impact on day to day life in the UK....


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