Friday 18 October 2019

No mea culpa from Katya

  • 3/10 Katya Adler: "The chances of getting a deal now, between now and the EU leader's summit is zero, let's be honest."
  • 10/10 Chris Mason: "Katya, you were saying, last week I think it was, I may not be quoting you entirely verbatim, but the essence of it was you thought that there was a vanishingly small likelihood of a deal...It's still vanishingly small."
  • 10/10 Katy Adler: "It's not going to happen." 

So, on last night's Brexitcast, did Katya & Co. do the decent thing and admit that they got it wrong? 

Of course not. 


  1. Official EU Media Spokespeople rarely do...and that's what she is - a mouthpiece for the EU. :) We would have been better informed WITHOUT her simpering updates on the latest word from Brussels. She was peddling Fake News - ie that the EU were to be believed in all their pronouncements.

  2. Maybe just as well Chris has moved on from fact-checking.

    Probably still blocking like a good 'un.


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