Friday 18 October 2019

In other news...

Of course there was big Brexit news yesterday, but Dame Louise Ellman's resignation from the Labour Party that she's been a member of for 55 years was a big story too. 

She'd had enough of the antisemitism and the bullying and the Corbyn leadership's tolerance of it. 

So how did BBC One's main news bulletins cover it? 

Wednesday evening's News at Ten gave it 26 seconds. Thursday lunchtime's News at One gave it 2 minutes and 20 seconds and Thursday evening's News at Six gave it 16 seconds. Thursday night's News at Ten didn't cover the story. 

Here's how Thursday evening's News at Six reported it, in full:
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour does not tolerate anti-Semitism after a female Jewish Labour MP quit the party over her concerns. The Labour leader paid tribute to Dame Louise Ellman, who has been the MP for Liverpool Riverside for over 20 years, and said he was opposed to any form of racism. 
That doesn't seem adequate, does it?


  1. That "female Jewish Labour MP" reference used by the BBC reflects what conniving Creasy tried to do on Newnsight the other day - play up the gender issue, as though misogyny was the source of the problem, and so Virtuous Stella could feel good about herself, forming a pretend bond with her over nasty tweets directed at female MPs. Typical of the BBC to follow the Labour line.

    I don't personally rate Ellman. She decided to go swimming with sharks so can hardly complain about being bitten. I've heard Ellman say she is fully behind Labour policies otherwise. Labour wants continued mass immigration, open borders to allow in anyone who wants to come here, vassal status in relation to the EU or overturning the Referendum vote, votes for children, abolition of free speech altogether, vetting of political candidates, continued gerrymandering of now vastly unequal constituencies, huge and unnecessary nationalisation and group rights over individual rights. They are dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. If Ellman can't see that, she must be very dim.

  2. "BBC editorial integrity means that there is not always space or time to include news that further dents the chances of the sad old bloke the BBC still hopes can get in power and save them."


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