Tuesday 8 October 2019

Clapping along?

On the theme of the BBC's coverage of Extinction Rebellion's protests in London today, The Conservative Woman's magnificent Margaret Ashworth has written a brilliant piece today. 

(Margaret's incapable of writing otherwise). 

On the one hand, there's must of the rest of the media also reporting the disruption and the irritation provoked by the protests while, on the other hand, there's the BBC being overwhelmingly happy-clappy about it. 


  1. Yes, it's amusing how the "spread the joy" goes down the line so that even the lowliest reporter on the regional London programme is all smiles while reporting the protests, the message being that the missed appointments, halted ambulances and diversion from crime prevention are all worth it.

  2. Banner photo on the Today programme twitter page: a bevy of photogenic young women holding nice concerned placards - no crusties and no placards demanding the end of capitalism...OK, not diverse, but on this one occasion, the BBC will let that pass...


    Even got the "unicorn" reference in which is like a dog whistle to lefty-liberal types...

  3. Despite XR's claims to be apolitical, their aims and actions resonate very little with centre ground opinion (and less with right of centre). By hindering law abiding people going about their everyday life, their presence will cause damage to the lib-left brigade - by amplifying the 'we know what's best for you' message. By insisting 'we know what's best for you' on climate change pollution etc, there is more of the same - first Brexit and now this. They treat us as idiots, who can't possibly have their grasp of a) the science of global warming, and b) the economic and political repercussions of Brexit. "Trust us, we know" is the mantra - no matter what the subject.


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