Tuesday 15 October 2019

I have a little list

Fans of lists might be interested in reading the following - a list of those appearing on BBC One's State Opening of Parliament special yesterday. This interview list is nothing if not Remain-heavy:

  • Dame Margaret Beckett 
  • Lord Fowler 
  • Bronwyn Maddox, Institute for Government 
  • Robert Hardman, Daily Mail 
  • Dominic Grieve 
  • Andrew Bowie, Conservative; Ed Davey, Lib Dems; Jenny Chapman, Labour; Joanna Cherry, SNP (the four mainstays of the programme in the studio) 
  • Liz Saville Roberts, Plaid Cymru 
  • Caroline Lucas, Greens


  1. Everyone will notice that no one from the government was there... and so the bias is more obvious. The more obvious it becomes the less trusted the BBC becomes, until it withers and few watch their news output.

  2. Why do they never introduce the Institute for Government as "the rabidly pro-Remain lobby group founded and paid for by Lord Sainsbury, himself one of the most extreme Remainers in the country, and controlled by a board comprised exclusivelty of Remainers", instead of "the respected independent think tank" or some such?

    The IfG spokespeople play a clever game when they come on programmes, sounding to the unwary quite detached and objective. But if you analyse what they say you will see it is always pushing towards the second referendum strategy or you might call it the "You have my word as Director General, that this time we won't screw up, I promise you, Lord Sainsbury" strategy.


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