Monday 7 October 2019


Douglas Murray has been doing the rounds -  publicising his book The Madness of Crowds - Race, Gender and Identity. 

Of all the book-publicity material I’ve seen, (with Candace Owens, Julia Hartley-Brewer , etc etc,) this conversation with Peter Whittle in the “So What you’re Saying Is…” series, (New Culture Forum) allows the subject free rein to express and develop his ideas.
 Of the Roger Scruton fiasco: 
“…….a public square so stupid and deracinated that people who are actually thoughtful and have thought about things can be ‘disappeared’ at the whim of the ignoramus.”
As one commenter says, we get to hear Douglas Murray without too much input from the host. 

I’m not too sure about the dirty-protest themed backdrop, (I might discuss backgrounds at a later date) but it’s good.

This Brexit themed video (H/T M.B.) is fun, probably more so for the 52% than the 48%…

Radio 4’s Start the Week this morning alluded to the BBC in a discussion about confirmation bias, echo chambers and ‘non-diversity of thinking. 
From within my own bubble, I’m beginning to suspect that the BBC’s popularity is in a downward spiral.


  1. Over at 'theisland' reminds us of Monty Python's 'Two Sheds' Jackson, an excellent parody of present day 'interviewing texhnique.

  2. Sue. Both interviews/discussions are brilliant. Thank you for posting them.

  3. Thank you for posting these discussions - the time has to come when truth overrides wishful thinking. There is in the liberal elite a blinkered view of reality because the elite does not have to face reality and can live in its own bubble where its income stream is not based on useful work where the product needs consumers who expect it to work properly, but on unaccountable outcomes that no one wants to examine properly and see as wrong, improper, or down right foolish. Unintended consequences abound - the Public Finance Initiatives were based on bad financial ideas that benefitted only the finance providers as an example of stupidity overriding common sense. Who benefits? Certainly not the people who pay for everything.

    Gender neutral toilets mean urinals have to be removed and so more space is needed for toilets and women no longer feel safe in public toilets... and for what? Who benefits?

    The EU... who benefits from the huge amounts of money allocated to a political system designed to create a United States of Europe that no one voted for and no one really wants, least of all the political leaders of nation states in Europe who will be ousted and demoted to county councillors with no power at all once the system is completed with power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats unaccountable to anyone because the checks and balances are designed to render accountability impossible. MEPs may rant and rave against the system, but being so well paid they don't want to change the system where they can grandstand before their electorate and quietly nod through everything the Commission puts in front of them.


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