Friday 11 October 2019

Nocturnal Twitterings III

Aaron BastaniBrexitcast is the worst political television the BBC has made. The idea that 4 people of same age, with same views, from the same circles re-hashing news when very little has actually happened - and in an ‘insidery’ political gossip way - is illustrative of BBC’s problems. 
Rob Burley: Getting close to a million viewers at 11:35pm. We'll wear your bad review Aaron. 
Aaron Bastani: It’s called a publicly funded monopoly Rob. The BBC has 70% of tv and radio news market. Well done!!! 
Seymour: And therein lies the problem Rob, the BBC should be far above chasing viewing figures. 
Rob Burley: The idea that a TV version of a podcast in which 4 people sit in a radio studio, wearing headphones chatting, is ratings chasing is pretty hilarious. But it does get good numbers because it's brilliantly produced and has four journos at the top of their game.

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  1. It seemed way too self-congratulatory and trivial last night. I switched off after 5 minutes of inconsequential chatter and merriment. Should have been some mea culpas all round as none of them had seen the Varadkar-Johnson love-in coming.


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