Monday 21 October 2019

Random twittering

Allison PearsonSo the LibDems will support a second referendum. But, as Jo Swinson said on live TV, she would not accept the result of a 2nd referendum if it was Leave again. Roll up, ladies and gentlemen, to have your vote disregarded a second time! Who could resist?

Paul EmberyRather than elect MPs at the next general election, why don't we just choose which activist lawyers we prefer?

Geoff NorcottNothing unifies people more than hearing a wanker talk loudly on a phone. Maybe post Brexit we should employ them to sit on trains and start the healing.

Angelous Chryssogelos:  I have no opinion either way on Catalonia. But if there were jailed politicians, cars burning & dozens injured under a right-wing government in an Eastern EU state, the 'liberal democracy under threat' pundit-industry would be suffering from 3rd-degree hot take burns by now.

Tom Peck:  People are mocking John Bercow’s Tony Benn impression but bear in mind, he did that from within his ongoing pompous nineteenth century bellend impression. A mask goes on the mask - any actor will tell you how hard that is.

Tim StanleyAh Bercow. Like trying to play a fair game of football when the referee not only supports the other side but keeps stopping the game to do an impersonation of Jane Austen.

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  1. Here's my attempt at expressing the feelings of natural revulsion engendered by Bercow in full flow:

    "Like watching Quasimodo straining on the toilet whilst simultaneously listening to Simon Callow reading, with no hint of restraint, a particularly florid and convoluted passage of Trollopean prose."


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