Thursday 17 October 2019


That said, Evan is being overly free tonight with the word "confirmatory" in connection with a second vote/referendum. He's used it twice so far without implying quotation marks around the word.

"Confirmatory" is not a neutral word in this context. 


  1. The BBCs reaction to the new Boris deal seems to be a full push for a confirmatory referendum.

    It is clear from the news bulletins and the main 6pm news that the BBC are not in favour of the deal. Swinson and Sturgeon are getting the prime spots to denounce and rubbish it.

    The can see us actually leaving imminently and don’t like it one little bit.

    Expect one last surge of meddling and interfering from the fake news outfit.

  2. It would only be confirmatory if there was one question on the ballot paper: "Do you approve of the deal? Yes or No." But we all know Remainers wanted a rigged rerun with a Hobson's Choice ballot paper between Remain and May's Abject Surrender Deal. I think Boris would win now if his deal was put up against Remain but as a matter of principle that can't be allowed.

  3. They've been busy confirming 'confirmatory referendum' on Sky News all evening too.

    1. BBC, Sky News and ITV: the three monkeys on the mantelpiece - see no benefit in Brexit, hear no benefit in Brexit and speak no benefit in Brexit.

      I just realised I am speaking ill of monkeys...but needs must...


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