Friday 11 October 2019

Nocturnal Twitterings II

Owen JonesHi BBC Press Office. I'm a Guardian journalist and columnist. Describing me as a "Labour activist" - when most of the British press can accurately be described as Tory activists (which you don't call them) - after I'm attacked shows a grotesque level of bias. 

The BBC report says:
Three men have been charged after Labour activist Owen Jones was assaulted outside a north London pub. 
The Guardian columnist said he had been celebrating his birthday with friends at the Lexington pub, Islington, when he was attacked on 17 August 


  1. The worrying aspect of this is that Owen Jones can now be described as a “Labour Activist”. Once he would have been described as a member of the lunatic far left.

    Am I a cynic in wondering how many similar assaults, amongst the many that are reported daily, the police bother to investigate?

  2. Perhaps he would prefer "wealthy author"?


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