Thursday 17 October 2019

Usual business

Toby Young is disappointed:
I tuned into Newsnight to see how close we are to the deal and am none the wiser. The usual adversarial format, with backbench Conservative MPs doing their best to to defend the govt from the BBC’s prosecuting council, is neither informative nor entertaining.
That does seem to be the standard format these days.

As does the unbalanced panel, stacked against Brexit supporters.


  1. Yes it was absolutely appalling with Egregious Emma in the chair. I find her immensely irritating. She shows off all the worst aspects of modern life - tremendous overwheening self regard and pumped up facial features among them.

    Here we are in the middle of momentous events. Of course it goes without saying, that there was not even 1p of credit given to Boris for having nearly pulled off (by last night)this Herculean endeavour n the face of myriad saboteurs, media ankle biters and a hundred political assassination attempts. No, all she could do was drone on about "what if we don't leave on the 31st - Boris will have broken his promise".

    Well Boris has done everything he can and secured a deal. It might not be the perfect deal but if the ERG can vote for it, well I think it should be backed. We'll see when the details emerge. It's understandable the DUP might not be able to vote for it but then other Northern Ireland MPs might do so and maybe a smattering of Labour MPs as well...we'll see.

  2. But at least the poison peroxide pepperoni has the full support of Kay Burley. And vice versa.


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