Sunday 6 October 2019

John Simpson's Sunday Sermon


  1. I agree, John. In this time of national peril, we must all make sacrifices; we must all tighten our belts. Firslty, we need an immediate cull of all those unproductive aged members of staff in key organisations who have been kept on out of misguided sentimental notions. Whilst is true that these burdensome folk once relieved of their diminished role within the organisation become a sad social irrelevance, that is no reason to compromise the efficieny and effectiveness of the organisation.
    And finally, John, may I give you a Churchillian V sign in light of your historical reference.

  2. So John everything, our economy, our children, our constitution will be ok if only we get a Brexit extension?
    Retire foolish old man and shut up.

    1. According to the BBC unless we get a Brexit extension it will be a catastrophe on a par with that meteorite impact that cause a global conflagration and ended the age of the dinosaurs...come to think of it, that is a kind of metaphor...BBC, dinosaurs, extinction.


    "I’m in Berlin, filming for the 30th anniv of the fall of the Wall. It’s easy to forget what a nasty little country E Germany was. The STASI archives contain 111 kilometres of files. I person in 7 was being watched. Husbands & wives spied on each other, children spied on parents."

    Ah yes, the country the Leader of the Opposition was so keen on visiting with the Shadow Home Secretary back in the day. And what does John think about equivalent surveillance in the modern UK. Where children in schools and their parents get put on a watch list for expressing support for UKIP? Where every single electronic communication is subject to surveillance?

    ANOTHER ONE: "In Berlin I interviewed a man who was jailed in the East in the 1980s for trying to escape."

    John, 17.4 million have been imprisoned by Juncker and Tusk for trying to escape the EU. They are under lock and key by the Stasi officers Bercow, Corbyn and Swinson.


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