Sunday 6 October 2019

...from the other side

Andrew preview

Let the Sunday morning madness begin....

Following Andrew Marr's preview of his programme today on BBC Breakfast this morning, the tweets began: 

  • OMG! Andrew Marr on BBC Breakfast just said he'll be interviewing Shami Chakrabarti on the Marr Show today & already showed bias by accusing her of wanting to "frustrate Boris"!! She's trying to "protect people" from a damaging No Deal which he'd inflict! Disgraceful! This is propaganda by Marr!
  • #marr unbelievable! Sunday 7:30am and already branding Shami Chakrabarti "plotter" for trying to "frustrate" the Prime Minister's plan for a no deal as if she were in the same league as Guy Fawkes. BBC news needs to look to its impartiality and language. #bbcbias
  • Blatant BBC Bias Alert. Not even 7.30am & BBC Breakfast has Marr describing UK Labour's Shami Chakrabati [sic] "Being at the Heart of a Hard Left plot" to topple PM Johson!! #OutOfOrder

Here's what Andrew said:
I can't offer you a female Rumpole but I can offer you the Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti, a very senior lawyer who is at the heart of the anti-hard Brexit plot if you like inside the House of Commons, trying to work out how to frustrate the Prime Minister from trying to take us out without a deal at the end of this month.  That should be very interesting. And I am joined by the man himself, the Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay, who's off later today, charging around Europe, trying to sell Boris Johnson's deal to a very, very sceptical EU. So lots to talk about at nine o'clock.
Note that all three of the tweets above were complaining about his use of language yet all three of them misquoted him. Mr Marr did not say "frustrate Boris", call Shami a "plotter" or accuse her of "being at the heart of a hard-left plot".

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