Friday 11 October 2019

Nocturnal Twitterings V

Dominic Raab (foreign secretary)I’ve spoken to my Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu to express the UK’s disappointment and concern about the military incursion into NE Syria, and call for restraint. The intervention risks greater humanitarian suffering and undermines the focus on countering Daesh. 
Emily Maitlis, BBC: There’s a lot of foreign office “disappointment” this week. Disappointment is when pret runs out of your fave lunchtime sarnie. Not when war is started.


  1. Left to Maitlis the BBC would start a war over a sandwich.

  2. Suddenly, the BBC all seem terribly keen on wars in the Middle East, having spent 20 years moralising about the unethical nature of wars in the Middle East. Further evidence of Trump Derangement Syndrome I feel. Is Maitlis volunteering to go and fight.

    I'm seriously concerned because I saw the Angel of Death, Orla Guerin, has gone out there...always a bad sign.

    Saw a news report on Turkey's allies in Syria. They were all screaming Allahu Akbar about a hundred times, but somehow the reporter while giving an account of what they were saying managed to miss this.

    The UK MSM underplay the many credible reports of Turkey's connivance with IS. Erdogan is Muslim Brotherhood. He wants a Caliphate restored as much as IS...they just disagree about specifics.


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