Saturday, 3 November 2018

A Question and Two Answers

You may have noticed that BBC radio is now called BBC Sounds. But why? Well...
Jenny Eclair: What is BBC Sounds please and how does it differ from BBC radio?
Hugh Bonneville: It’s a good question, Jenny, and we’re glad you’ve asked it. Part of our More of Less initiative, BBC Sounds is a condensation of BBC Radio and BBC Noise, which in 2020 will be repurposed as BBC Echo - a great big empty hall, probably in Kidderminster.
Liz Kershaw: So this is the thing Jenny. The thing is it's a rebrand to clarify the offer to the end user focusing on the product rather than the platform. 
I think Liz in particular must have been eavesdropping on James Purnell.


  1. Is there to be a BBC White Noise, or will Dykists nix that?

    Maybe... Noize of Color?

    At least Kidderminster will see a growth in artisanal coffee shops.

  2. Was Liz Kershaw joking there or was that serious? Good heavens if it was.

    1. She was joking, thank goodness. She really doesn't like BBC managementspeak.

    2. Phew...that's a relief. I don't listen to her so had no idea how she is.