Tuesday 13 November 2018

And another BBC Andrew apologises

And another BBC Andrew apologises (for nothing, and to a #FBPE):

Laura Kuenssberg: Seems to be all lining up for Cabinet to sign off a text of divorce deal tomorrow.... but but but, not confirmed yet and we have been here before...
Andrew Marr: Ha! Now the fun begins!
Diana Strasser #FBPE: Definitely not much fun for us EU27 nationals who have to apply to be able to stay in our own homes but as long as you are having fun. :( #StopBrexit #Stopthismadness
Andrew Marr: I wasn’t using ‘fun’ in the sense of, you know, actual fun. Twitter can be a tad literal at times.
Diana Strasser #FBPE: I got that but I would hope for a bit more sensitivity from a senior BBC journalist. There are people who fear to have to leave their homes, people who fear for their jobs, people who 'literally' can't afford Brexit.
Andrew Marr: That’s fair. What’s ahead may be horrible for many. I let reporterly bloodlust go to my head: apologies, Diana.


  1. The other Andrew is unfortunately likely coming to appreciate just how dodgy things can be when you have shared corridors with certain rats in the bbc sack. Especially if not following the hive mind on matters Brexit.


  2. Will Andrew apologise if we end up Remaining? Will he apologise to all those people who will find horrible things happening to them - wages going down, no chance of finding a family home, not getting the medical treatment they need...

  3. Anyone know why Ms Strasser couldn’t apply for U.K. citizenship? Clearly her home is here , so why not love?


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