Sunday 25 November 2018


So it's Mayday Day today, and the Andrew Marr show is duly extending itself. To mark the occasion, here's a round-up of Andrew's thoughts, as expressed during the paper review this morning...

Andrew Marr: Camilla, this letter, which is kind of unique, I think, I don't remember the Prime Minister writing ever an open letter to the people of Britain like this. 

Andrew Marr: For a Remain campaigner back in the day she sounds very, very Brexity.

Andrew Marr: It's like a mad computer game, isn't it? She gets over one hurdle, jumps over one bridge, there's another explosion, and then she turns a corner and there's more people shooting at her. 

Andrew Marr: Let's return to the papers. In terms of the pro-Brexit sentiment, there is one key text I think in today's papers, which is Martin Howe QC in the Sunday Telegraph... 

Andrew Marr: I find it very hard to work out whether the government had actually conceded anything real over Gibraltar or not. I don't know if anybody has a view on that. 
Andrew Pierce: Not sure. She says 'I'll stick with Gibraltar to the end'...
Andrew Marr: Very forcibly.

Andrew Marr: And everybody from both sides is saying...I mean, part of the problem is everyone is saying we can tweak it this way or tweak it that way. As of this morning, it's too late to tweak it. It's been signed off.

Andrew Pierce: And it was Nick Bowles, the Tory MP, he wrote it in the Mail actually, arguing for a Norway-style solution. 
Andrew Marr: It is becoming more popular.

Andrew Marr: Rachel, lots of other political stories related to this. A lot of people are still hoping for another referendum on that. There's a very interesting story in one of the papers about talks between the so-called People's Vote campaign, and the Labour leadership, because Jeremy Corbyn has always been very, very cautious about this new referendum idea. He's looking to all the pro-leave Labour supporters in the north, I suspect. 

Andrew Marr: They may be quite shrewdly aware of the very, very large number of Labour voters, particularly in the north and the Midlands, who are pro-Brexit. 

Andrew Marr: In all of these shenanigans, people are falling out with each other and shouting over each other but there's a rather sweet story in The Sunday Times about a rapprochement. (Peter Mandelson and Seamus Milne).


  1. Andrew, can I just remind you that the Umpire doesn't actually bat for one of the sides...

    Peter Mandelson and Seamus Milne???- Soros's vicar on Earth and a hardline Stalinist plotting to destroy our democracy by overturning the Referendum vote? Is that the story? I've remarked several times "Where's Mandelson?" He's too quiet. Now we know what he's been up to...

  2. The very first line - when will people learn that there are no degrees of uniqueness. A thing is either unique, or it is not.

    1. At the bbc, ‘unique’ has many meanings, few much to do with uniqueness.


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