Sunday 11 November 2018

The Angel of the Bronx

This week's Radio 4 Profile had a political subject. Usually (though not always) such editions have a reasonably fair spread of views. Not this one though. There was about half a minute of criticism in total in a programme that lasted last nigh on 14 minutes. (It came from a male US conservative.) And the narration was negativity-free too. The lucky lady was 'democratic socialist' US Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Maybe she should recycle parts of it for her reelection campaign? 


  1. As a coherent political figure, she is very pretty.

    And knocking Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler from their tree top slot as idiot female socialists of dusk is no mean feat.

  2. I did not bother to listen.

    I find that my "OFF" switch is being used more and more often these days with the BBC.

  3. Why don't they just call her "The New Obama" and start up the latest cult full time?!

    1. Anita Anand is buying the beanie, but getting the font size to be readable and fit is an issue.


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