Sunday 18 November 2018


Dan Johnson, BBC North America Correspondent

President Trump went to Paradise yesterday and saw the devastation there. BBC One's main late evening news bulletin reported his visit, and reporter Dan Johnson added the customary BBC digs at the U.S. leader:
The president has shown Paradise, like so many other places, that his words can be divisive and controversial before they are unifying and supportive... 
This is what the President saw. It's a scene that sticks with you, but he seems unshaken in his scepticism about climate change.  
He talked about wildfire protection, saying that other countries got it right. He talked about Finland. But what he didn't mention, of course, is that Finland is a fair few degrees cooler than California. 


  1. Just like Sopel, Johnson looks a lonely figure. We don't need his commentary. The pictures tell us all we need to know. To use a tragedy like this to score points with anti Trump rhetoric (to be put in the bag for when he next meets up with the BBC North American contingent) is as low as the new BBC norm.

  2. It was Dan Johnson who broke the Sir Cliff Richard story. He thought the raid was 'brilliant but bonkers', never apologised and didn't do well with his evidence in court.

    But he certainly was rewarded for his efforts by the BBC and is now a rising star reporter.

  3. Joining the path laid by illustrious predecessors like Hugs Boaden and Jasmine Lawrence.

  4. There is a BBC reporter out there, one Dave Lee, clearly in competition with Don.

    Clearly Don, Dave, Jon, Tony & Katty are on track for a 60's rival musically or risqué movies.


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